Coordinating research in energy networks

Smart Grids Symposium 2016

The HubNet Smart Grids Symposium is an annual event intended to showcase outcomes from the UK Smart Grids research community. This encompasses power system operation and management, information and communications technology and wider disciplines that have made advances in this field. The objective is to bring these advances to a broad audience of stakeholders.

The event is organised by HubNet - the EPSRC SuperGen Hub for energy networks - and draws on the work of various SuperGen research consortia as well as other major activities in the area.

The 2016 symposium is dedicated to the importance of new approaches to network management and control and the interaction with consumers and markets. It will focus on advances in distributed intelligence and data analytics as part of the delivery of the future electric power system. The event will also showcase the research results of the Autonomic Power System consortium. This is an EPSRC Grand Challenge project which is nearing completion of its research activities, and has concentrated on autonomy and distributed intelligence in energy networks.

The Symposium is aimed at anyone with an interest in the future development of energy networks and related topics. This includes network operators, policy makers including regulators as well as Government departments and agencies, energy suppliers, generators, equipment manufacturers, IT and telecommunication companies, consultants and academics from many disciplines, and others with an interest in this field.

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HubNet Smart Grids Symposium 2016 Agenda

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