Coordinating research in energy networks

HubNet Smartgrids Symposium September 2011

The HubNet Smartgrids Symposium was held at Imperial College London on 12th and 13th September 2011. The Smartgrids Symposium showcased outcomes from the UK Smartgrid research community to a broad audience of stakeholders. Each day of the symposium began with a keynote address from an international expert.

The symposium was organised by HubNet - the newly established Supergen hub for energy networks - and draws on the work of the various Supergen research consortia and the other major activities in the area. An important objective of HubNet is to frame the next set of research challenges through position papers. The HubNet Smartgrids Symposium included workshops, in which we sought to develop a clear description of the future challenges.

Copies of the programme, presentations, a workshop report and posters are below.



Workshop report - condition monitoring

Workshop report - Smart Grid communications