Coordinating research in energy networks


HubNet - A Hub for Energy Networks

HubNet is a diverse multi-pronged programme aimed at driving forward ground breaking research which will highlight the route by which energy networks will develop over the coming years and decades as the vision of a low carbon energy system and economy becomes a reality. HubNet is funded by the Energy Programme of Research Councils UK under grant number EP/I013636/1.

HubNet is a Hub for energy networks research. HubNet will pursue research in its own right, as well as drawing together the research community in energy networks. HubNet's activities include:

  • A programme of fundamental research
  • A pool of research student places for training new researchers
  • An ambition to help define the key research questions that others will wish to join in answering
  • A programme of events to help form a stronger research community and forging of links with other research programmes

The activities of the members of the Hub will focus on five areas that have been identified as key to the development of future energy networks:

  • The design of smart grids, in particular the application of communication technologies to the operation of electricity networks and the harnessing of the demand-side for the control and optimisation of the power system.
  • The development of a mega grid that would link the UK's energy network to renewable energy sources offshore, across Europe and beyond.
  • Research on future asset technologies materials science for higher capacity, lower loss cables and other assets and managing transition assets through recognition of the need for deeper understanding of how long-life equipment is managed and monitored.
  • The development of new techniques to study multi-energy systems - the interaction between multiple energy vectors and optimally coordinate the planning and operation of energy networks under uncertainty.
  • Research into Power Electronic Technologies - a focus on how new semiconductor technologies could lead to lower-cost, lower-loss power electronics suitable for wider-scale network deployment.

HubNet PhD students

The following series of three-minute videos summarise the work of a number of HubNet funded PhD students, across the HubNet themes.

Tim Hughes





Paul Judge